State Capture

In January 2018, the former President of the Republic of South Africa Mr Jacob Zuma, appointed a commission of inquiry known as 'The state Capture Commission'. The evidence led by this commission supported the notion that the state was captured for corruption. This happened despite the country having parliament for oversight; the executive for leadership of government programs and the judiciary to ensure justice. In addition, there was also law enforcement instistitutions such as the Hawks; NPA and the police.


 Service delivery

In KwaNdebele, like most rural areas in South Africa, there are municipal service delivery-related  challenges such as water; infrastructure and lack of development. Nationally there are challenges such as health; justice; electricity; land; economic development and unemployment. 


The government has challenges of its own. These include failure by citizens to pay for services delivered; infrustructure damaged by service delivery protesters and failure by citizens to participate in government programs which should assist the government to deliver the services. 




Vus'sistjhaba, also known as Abavusi, is a non-profit organisation which was founded in KwaNdebele on the 16 July 2021 by concerned citizens who felt that it was time people of KwaNdebele participated in government activities/programs to ensure that their interests are taken care of and to hold those voted for  accountable.


Abavusi is a vehicle through which the objectives of these citizens can be achieved.